What is Letters to Fiction

Have you ever wanted to ask your favourite character what their motivation was, or how they felt at a particular moment in your favourite chapter? Perhaps, like me, you've wondered what books they like to read themselves, or how important they feel the role they play in their world is - maybe they aren't aware of the importance they hold for the fate of their universe.
And I'm sure they don't know how much they and their words have impacted me, and millions of other readers, in one way or another.

Letters to Fiction is a blog devoted to correspondence between me and characters in fiction. These are characters I love, characters I hate, and characters I just don't know enough about! The premise for each letter is that, in some way, I want to know the character better.

The recipients may be between the pages of a book, stuck in another reality that we see through a screen, or held within a world at our fingertips.

Letters may be short, long, fat, thin, full of depth and emotion, or simply a commentary on my favourite adventures they've undertaken. Some characters might take the time to respond, others will not.

Everyone feels a connection to at least one fictional character. Some may say they don't feel it anymore, but perhaps growing up they felt it with a hero in a storybook, and believed that person was real in a sense. Other feel connected to as many as they possibly can. I know these characters aren't real, but that's the joy of imagination and being able to escape to these worlds and lives!

All letters and replies are written by me, the author, and are structured to the best of my understanding of each character in the tale they are represented in. Each letter is intended as an exploration in fictional writing and character development, driven by my personal interest and passion into the character and the world they inhabit. I love alternative telling of well-known stories and history, which will be a driving factor in the letters I plan to write on the blog.

And above all, I hope that the letters are of interest for you as well.

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